Fat Tire Comes to DC

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I’ve heard rumors that New Belgium was going to start shipping their famous Fat Tire beer out East, and it seems those rumors are true. The GOG reports that the Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan snagged some bottles of the famous ale, along with a few other varieties from New Belgium. Up till now, North Carolina was about the closest place you could get Fat Tire and I’ve heard of many a beer aficionado making a point to grab a few cases when they were down that way.  Me, I’ve never had it, so I’m heading to the Black Squirrel tonight to try some, as I hear quantities are limited.

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14 thoughts on “Fat Tire Comes to DC

  1. I had it earlier this year when I went to Colorado and it doesn’t disappoint!! So gooooood. I hope you like it!

  2. This is absolutely the best beer in the US. I hope this is for real!

  3. I’ve had Fat Tire many, many times, and while it is quite good, I don’t get the hype. Frankly, back when I lived where it was readily available, I thought of it as a fall-back for bars with a limited selection. A lot of dives have Bud, Coors, Miller, and Fat Tire on tap. The choice is easy.

    Now, for a REAL travesty, let’s talk about the fact that you can’t get Bell’s anywhere in MD.

  4. Truly a world-class beer, except I can’t help but think…will it taste as good here as it does in the Rockies?

  5. It doesn’t get any better than a growler full of Fat Tire and relaxing in the Hot Tub after a full day on the slopes out in CO.

  6. Most overrated beer ever.

    If you actually want good beer from Colorado, try to find something from Bristol Brewing.

  7. Oh… my… god…

    A very bad week just became a little better. :)

  8. YES! The first time I had a Fat Tire was in Idaho some years ago. Hopefully, I can grab one in the District!

  9. SO EXCITED!!! Fat Tire is the best brew! Amber waves of grain make for some killer beer :)

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  11. To clarify: distribution is not in DC yet. The staff drove and picked up the brews to bring back. Thus, when it is gone (which it probably is now… 5 were left on Sunday), there will not be anymore unless they do another road trip. They did still have 1554, Ranger IPA, and others, but the Fat Tire is probably gone.