Orange Line Double Whammy

No Passengers

The Orange Line is abuzz with delays. A train has been offloaded for mechanical difficulties at East Falls Church, and another train at Ballston appears to have begun emitting smoke. This would happen right at the peak of rush hour just when hordes of hungover Washingtonians need to be at work for Seis de Mayo. Naturally there is no notification of delays whatsoever on the website.

Update: Since there has been no further buzz or WMATA update I can only assume that the delays are cleared by now.

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One thought on “Orange Line Double Whammy

  1. It’s interesting that while everyone was kicked off the train due to white smoke coming from the rear that they never listed a delay. Since getting kicked off that train I’ve only found this article about it. It caused about 45-60 minute delay. I am simply concerned from a safety point of view. Given the recent track failures I think they owe the public to inform them about metro cars which are emitting plumes of smoke. I believe they solved the problem with extinguishers. Smoke came from under the train. The smoke only filled about 1/6th of the loading area and was visible down the tunnel.