How much is that doggie in the White House?

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‘Biden Insults President’s Dog!’
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With both President Obama’s and Vice President’s Biden financial disclosure forms released this week, we now know how much that cute, little black puff ball, who caused such a media stir a little over year ago, is worth.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, Bo Obama, the Portuguese water dog gifted to the Obamas by the late Ted Kennedy cost the then Senator $1,600. A sweet deal of a purchase price for a dog that usually runs between $2,000 to $3,000. The newly revealed, provocative figure has political pundits on both sides feverishly drafting up their talking points for this weekend’s round tables.

Does the price indicate a clear lack of intelligence, character and ?  Or it merely a reflection of the dog secondhand status? Some even argue that Biden’s German Shepard pup, Champ, is the real brains behind the White House doggie administration.  The truth? Only time will tell.

Rebecca Johnson

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