Survey finds DC drivers among the least knowledgable

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The results of the 2010 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test place the District of Columbia as having the third least knowledgeable drivers in the United States. DC squeaks in right above New Jersey and New York at the very bottom of the list. The top three states were Kansas, Oregon and South Dakota.

The test was comprised of 20 questions on basic rules of the road, derived mostly from DMV exams. Some questions also addressed subjects such as distracted driving. Nationwide scores were down from the 2009 survey.

From a CNN piece on the results:

Nearly three out of four couldn’t identify safe following distances and some 85% incorrectly responded to questions about what to do when approaching a steady yellow light. This signals that licensed drivers lack knowledge of fundamental road rules, GMAC Insurance said.

I’d suggest that questions about navigating traffic circles and pulling over for motorcades also be included. Those Kansas drivers seem very confused about those things once they get to DC, even if they are ranked #1.

For comparison, Virginia ranked #28 and Maryland at #20.

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