DC Rapper Wale Admits Gay People Run Companies

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“It’s 2010,“ and gay people “…are, like, tops, like, heads of companies,” says Wale, DC rapper after he finished chilln’ in DC AND PG the other day. In fact, he was at DC Black Pride on Sunday when he made these well intentioned yet perhaps ever-so-slightly ill-crafted statements about homophobia. He previously caught flack for pulling out (sometimes it happens) of the event, but then quickly got right back up in there (that happens too) to show that gays are…ya know…kinda normal. Below you can watch his 6 minute interview at DC Black Pride, which is very revealing…of his stance as well as the fact that a spokesperson is worth their weight in gold in this town. Let it go on the record however, he doesn’t know any gay people personally, which he states in the interview.

WCP wrote about it yesterday in a post that caused a little anger over their initially incorrect quotation, which inserted a “like” before his statement that gay people “are functioning human beings.” In other words, implying that Mr. Wale was saying gay people are like humans, only different. The mistake was corrected on the site, so I think Wale is cool with getting back to chillin’ now.

When I first read the story and recap of his interview, I was appalled. BUT then I heard, from the Wale himself, that most of his designers are gay. And all was right with the world again. But no for real, he clearly is trying to speak from the heart and show that he really doesn’t give a crap about your sexual orientation, even if he does have to protect his street cred and appeal to his base (do they use those terms in the rap biz?). So let’s all appreciate the fact that gays do run companies, are “tops”, function as normal humans and Wale loves all ya’ all – tops or not! Oh, and gay people pay taxes according to Wale. WHAT???

(Disclaimer: I love Wale and think DC Chillin is a bad ass song. Lady Gaga does too.)

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