Fenty on the defense at candidate forum

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Candidates in most of the District’s 2010 races met last night at forum sponsored by DC for Democracy. This morning, D.C. Wire gives us a glimpse of Mayor Adrian Fenty (D) on the defense. Fenty came out hard against his opponents, both Vincent Gray and Leo Alexander were present. Fenty characterized them as excellent critics but questioned their leadership abilities. Fenty also tried to make some effort to be a bit more social, arriving (surprisingly) on-time and greeting the hosts of the event.

WaPo’s Tim Craig notes, however, that Fenty eventually left early and spaced out a bit via his Blackberry:

Gray was late, but as the questioning began, Fenty appeared to grow increasingly uncomfortable. After about 20 minutes of questions, Fenty had his aide deliver a message to the moderator that he needed to wrap up the questioning so he could leave to make another appointment.

Craig also described Fenty as “annoyed, distracted and uneasy.”

Vincent Gray touted that the Council’s approval rating is north of 50%, rare for a legislative body. Gray said that is  “because the 13 members of this council know how to stay focused on the most important goal and operate in an open, transparent manner and work to move the people’s business forum.” Not sure how he gets to that total of 13, what with all ethical problems facing a certain Ward 8 Councilmember.

Leo Alexander, the former news anchor, was only mentioned for again blaming the District’s problems on illegal immigration. That’s a bit unfortunate, as Alexander does have a few other ideas which are interesting, he just doesn’t want to talk about them.

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