Metro accidentally runs 10-car train on Green Line

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‘Metro #291′
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According to WTOP’s Adam Tuss, a 10-car train was deployed on Metro’s Green Line this morning. The longest train that can fit into a station is 8 cars. The train went into service at Branch Avenue, and the mistake was not noticed until the train reached the Waterfront station. As Tuss points out, this means the extra-long train passed through eight stations before being stopped and taken out of service. Of course, the extra two cars were not accessible to passengers.

The Tri-State Oversight Committee has been notified of the incident, and 5 Metro employees are off-duty as part of the safety investigation.

Back in March, Metro accidentally deployed a 14-car train, when a six car was coupled to an eight car. That mistake was caught when the train pulled into the first station to be serviced.

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