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Art is a bit subjective. Modern art, doubly so. Some people look to art to make them think, others to give them a sense of peace and tranquility. When making art, it is often the things we obsess about which become our best or, at least, our most favorite.

Flickr contributor volcanojw has been obsessing about blur. Bokeh, it’s called. The term describes the quality of the out of focus areas of a picture. For many, taking bokeh to the logical conclusion and producing shots of blur like this one is frowned upon. But from where I sit, it looks pretty, peaceful, and gives a new look on our old city (click through for notes pointing out what’s what).

Born in Lebanon, Samer moved to DC to go to college. A lot of good that did him. Twenty-two years later, he still lives in the area. When he’s not writing for a blog or tweeting incessantly, he wanders the streets (and the globe) photographing whatever gets in his way.

2 thoughts on “Featured Photo

  1. I had no problem telling what was what in the image…and then I realized why: Until a month ago, I lived in the apartment complex this photo was taken from. I enjoyed this exact view for years!