Hot Ticket: This Will Destroy You @ DC9 6/10/10

This Will Destroy You
courtesy of This Will Destroy You.

Look at the friggin’ graphic. When I came across the above image while researching the post-rock quartet, This Will Destroy You, I knew that I had found just about everything I would need to convince you to go to this concert. Not only are This Will Destroy You a post-rock band on the rise; they also have awesome taste in artwork. I am as stunned by the hilarious genius of that graphic as I am by TWDY’s soul-stirring, earth-shaking instrumental music.

This Will Destroy You are a band that beautifully harness subtlety in their music while obviously discarding it completely to market themselves. Just look at their name: THIS WILL DESTROY YOU. Now look at that awe-inspiring graphic again. It tells you everything you need to know about the band and what they will bring to their live performance at DC9 tonight. TWDY’s guitars will sound like the howl of a wolf, the roar of a mountain lion, and the scream of an American eagle combined! This show will be mighty and the audience will quake under the sonic assault of This Will Destroy You. Come to DC9 tonight and watch as they unleash material from their forth-coming album “Tunnel Blanket”.

This Will Destroy You are joined by Chicago psych-rockers, Light Pollution and Brooklyn atmospheric strings act, Slow Six. These three bands playing together should make for one crazed evening of majestic guitar and sonic bliss.

This Will Destroy You
w/ Light Pollution & Slow Six
$12 @ DC9
Doors at 8:30 / Show at 9:00

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