Two bicycles stolen from Mayor Fenty’s home

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Earlier this month thieves stole two mountain bikes from the Crestwood home of Mayor Adrian Fenty, according to Bill Myers at the Washington Examiner. From police reports obtained by the Examiner, the bicycles were stolen from the Mayor’s garage, while his security detail was on duty. Fenty was not home at the time, but his wife Michelle was. The bikes are valued at around $300 each, so they are not the top of the line of Fenty’s bike collection.

Detectives are investigating, and according to Police Chief Cathy Lanier, one officer may face disciplinary charges for neglect. The entire incident, which took place on June 3, was captured on security cameras. From the MPD crime reports, it appears as though the incident was written up as a theft from the “alley” in the 4700 block of 17th St NW.  

It sounds as though the garage was open at the time, and the thieves dropped the bikes they were riding and rode off with the stolen ones. The thieves may have been unaware that it was the Mayor’s house, or found some comedy in the whole thing.

As expected, this incident has brought out the electioneering:

The [MPD] officers’ union leader, Kris Baumann, is livid. He said Fenty and Lanier have forbidden officers to patrol the Fenty property and are now looking for scapegoats.

“When you micromanage the police, they can’t be the police,” Baumann said. He added: “It’s time for this mayor and this chief to come to terms with crime in this city and to be honest with everyone about how much crime there actually is. And if the mayor’s home is not safe, how can anyone’s home be safe?”

No surprises there, given the union’s distaste for Fenty and their recent endorsement of Vincent Gray. I can only imagine the conversations Fenty had with Lanier following the theft. No word on if Fenty has contacted former Mayor Anthony Williams, known for his crime-fighting after leaving office, to help recover the bikes.

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  2. In stead of stealing two bikes; that I know are covered by homeowners insurance, what they should have done, is stole Fenty is his face. Fenty, the little ahole that he is, need to know that the time has come for him to leave! I hate him, his wife, kids, mother, father, and all the rest of that trash. GET him out of office now!