Real Housewives of D.C.

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Bravo has announced that the Real Housewives of D.C will premiere on the network August 5th at 9 PM.  The  cast will include Catherine Ommanney, Lynda Erkiletian (founder of T.H.E Artist Agency, or as Bravo puts it, “one of the top modeling agents in D.C.” — Bravo, how many model agencies do you think we actually have?), Mary Schmidt Amons, Michaele Salahi (yes, part of the White House crasher duo), and Stacie Scott Turner.

Although I have no idea if this Real Housewives franchise will be as popular as NYC or NJ, I definitely will be tuning in.  I welcome any opportunity to support the city I love and watch mind-numbing TV all at the same time.

Samantha can often be found daydreaming by the Rothkos of the East Gallery, sketching store facades along 14th, and snapping photos with her vintage polaroid at 9:30 club concerts. Since moving to DC in 2007 to get an MFA in Interior Design, her eyes can’t seem to be peeled away from the beautiful things in this city. Send any visual art, architecture, or design related news her way via Samantha (at)

6 thoughts on “Real Housewives of D.C.

  1. Catherine Ommanney
    Ex Hostess in London Lap dance club. “Entertained” clients after hours!! UK Police criminal record for theft. Lies 100% about her “design” business. Has left Charles (Husband ) maybe due to her cheating with another married man which started 2 months ago.

    Thief and liar .

  2. You could replace the second parenthetical to read “Michaele Salahi (together with husband Tareq, this power-couple are notorious for lying, cheating, stealing and defrauding throughout the greater Washington metro are)”. I would have also suggested the label of “attention whore” but, to be frank, this applies to all Reality TV “stars”.

    How pathetic. I for one hope this show is a miserable failure. How on earth does parading these people on primetime television support Washington, DC?

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  4. Well, it looks like Bravo managed to scrape the bottom of the barrel.These losers don’t even live in D.C.Just a bunch of phoney, desperate media whores who seem willing to do ANYTHING to get their botoxed mugs on tv. I feel sorry for their kids. How embarrasing for them.

  5. I believe that Lynda Erkiletian is best fit as a housewife though I would never have time to watch her on T.V. Perhaps housewife is another term for an unemployed woman. Though, there are stay at home moms who work incredibly hard. Let’s hope that she’s more a mature mother than she was a businesswoman. It’s best she stays out of the affairs of T.H.E. if that business is to progress.