Help DDOT select new bike sharing locations

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Earlier this month, the District Department of Transportation unveiled Capital Bikeshare, a new bicycle sharing program that will be rolled out in the District and Arlington County. Now, DDOT is turning to the Internet to figure out the best locations for the bicycle sharing stations. Anyone can participate in the survey, which was created by OCTO Labs.

If you’re interested at all in seeing bicycle sharing expand and (hopefully be successful), spend a few moments filling out the questionnaire. It’s great to see DDOT continue to embrace the use of the web, not only with this survey but with their new blog and an active and responsive  Twitter account.

Previously, DDOT used the web to select the name for the program. Capital Bikeshare was the winner, with “George” as the runner-up. There was some consternation about the plainness of the name, which DDOT director John Lisle acknowledged. As we saw earlier this week with DC WASA’s name change, letting the public choose your brand isn’t always the wisest choice.

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