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‘This Is Gonna Kill Me (Again)’
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Update: Citing the need for more brains, the Zombies have postponed to next weekend.

The undead wars are upon us, folks. “True Blood” brought vampires back to your teevee last week, and the latest “Twilight” mind-killer is scheduled to attack you on the theater front at the end of the month. Not to be outdone by those blood-suckers, the zombies are planning to fight back en masse on the National Mall on Saturday.

Sure, the zombies a little slower than the vampires, some of them dress a little sloppier, and they only really have one thing on what’s left of their minds–the acquisition of your brains. But they’re at least smart enough to use Facebook to organize themselves, so don’t underestimate the danger here. So fire up the tunes (might I suggest Jonathan Coulton?), arm yourself with a witty retort, and formulate a plan: do you try to beat them (really, brunt force doesn’t stop them anyway), or do you join them, tomorrow, from 3 to 7 on the  Mall?

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