Shaking Buildings in Old Town, Related to Earthquake?


Through two separate reports, we’ve heard that at least one building in Old Town experienced very noticeable shaking today right at about the same time as a relatively major earthquake hit Ottawa and Quebec in Canada. People from Toronto, Detroit, New York and Ohio have reported experiencing some effects from this quake. Is it possible it actually caused shaking in Old Town Alexandria in Virginia?

@thelastgoodnight on Twitter reported it happening at 2:00pm today. It was also reported as being experienced on S Alfred St. Did anyone else feel it?

UPDATE 2:41pm: Apparently there was also shaking felt in Greenbelt, MD. Starting to sound less like strange coincidences and more like very small ripples being felt from the quake up north.

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13 thoughts on “Shaking Buildings in Old Town, Related to Earthquake?

  1. I definitely thought I felt it in DC at about that time, but it was subtle enough that I thought maybe I was just disoriented for a minute.

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  3. I definitely felt the building shake on the 7th floor of an apartment building on the SW waterfront in DC

  4. Earthquake was felt in old greenbelt md with shaking and rumbling sound in apt complex.My bed shook under me but I was thinking it was a dream but now I know it was a real quake.