Battle of the coffee drinks (oh, it’s on)

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I’m a bit of a fangirl when it comes to coffee shops. Peregrine Espresso has my heart, what with it being in my neighborhood and run by some really great people (seriously, I took a photo a week of their drinks for a whole year.) But Pound Coffee, you might have just won me over. Three words, We Love DC readers, three words: Iced. Nutella. Latte.

Through their Twitter feed this morning I learned not only of this magical drink’s existence, but also the fact that it’s on sale right now. Oh good god, sign me up. Today and tomorrow, all you have to do is follow them on Twitter (@poundcoffee) to get the discounted $1.50 price on what is sure to be a mind-blowingly (and teeth-ruining?) delicious summer concoction. (Or $1 for the Nutella-free kind.)

Pound is partly owned by your friendly author Karl, but rest assured my recent enthusiasm for his shop has little to do with that connection and everything do with the amazing things he’s apparently found to do with Nutella. NUTELLA! Asked if there’s actual Nutella (!) in the drink or if they wussed out and found some sort of Nutella flavoring, Karl insists it’s the real deal: “Oh hells yeah, but we have a secret recipe to get it to the right consistency and texture to use in lattes.”

Dear Pound Coffee: thank you. From the bottom of my Nutella-loving heart, thank you.

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