Star Wars nerds, bow before your god

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I’m not gonna play who’s-the-bigger-fan here, so let’s just say I’m a huge, huge Star Wars fan. As are, I’m sure, a number of you. Perhaps you’ve seen the signs for the “Star Wars: In Concert” at the Verizon Center on Saturday. Perhaps you bought your ticket the second they went on sale. Take a few minutes out of polishing your Stormtrooper costume to check out Twitter, where we learn that Anthony Daniels–C3PO himself!!–is spending a few days seeing the sights of DC, including dinner last night at Clydes. He has pronounced our fine city “fabbo,” and Georgetown “double fabbo.” Just let your mind rest on that, fans: C3PO called us fabbo! We think  you’re pretty fabbo yourself, Tony. Drinks later?

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3 thoughts on “Star Wars nerds, bow before your god

  1. The Smithsonian American Art Museum is giving a FREE concert of John Williams and other Speilberg/Lucas film soundtracks on Sunday, July 18th at 4 p.m. performed by the Washington Symphonic Brass.
    For those who couldn’t get or couldn’t afford Verizon Center tickets!