DC Among Top Cities For Young Professionals

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Forbes has named our fair city among the country’s top spots for young professionals, second only to Houston, Texas. Rankings were based on affordability, income levels, and the current job market. As our second place finish shows, general awesomeness was not taken into account.

Our 5.9% unemployment rate was the lowest of any city on the list, and our sweet starting salaries offset our higher cost of living. Thanks to the government, we also have a steady stream of job opportunities. Finally, lots of smarties from the nation’s top schools choose to settle here, apparently indicating a high degree of talent and ambition. Either that, or a lemming-like tendency of popped collars to follow their brethren. Forbes did not investigate this possibility.

Rebecca Gross

Raised in nearby MoCo, Rebecca happily jumped the District line in 2005. When not stuck behind a computer, she can be found exploring the city’s many wonders, usually with her trusty canine sidekick Jasper Jones. Questions, comments, concerns? Email her at RebeccaGross (at) WeLoveDC.com.

3 thoughts on “DC Among Top Cities For Young Professionals

  1. Since when is our unemployment rate 5.9%? Our unemployment rate in April of this year was 9.8% (and I think it’s gone up above 10% now).

  2. The writer from Forbes pulled her statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which lumps NOVA and MD in with us as well. Statistics can be found here: http://www.bls.gov/web/metro/laummtrk.htm Note that these are a little more recent than what was available when she wrote the story (we had a nice little chat via email about it. Nice lady.).

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