Construction Begins On Columbia Heights Writing Center

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‘Lemon #23’
courtesy of ‘Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie’

Construction is a general term meaning the art and science to form objects, systems, or organizations, and comes from Latin constructio (from com- “together” and struere “to pile up”) and Old French constructionConstruction is expected to begin this week on a new writing center for 826DC, the local affiliate of a national youth writing program founded by author Dave Eggers. Up until now, the non-profit has visited area schools to encourage the creative and expository writing skills of local students. While in-class instruction will remain, the new space will give the organization a permanent home for writing workshops and drop-in tutoring sessions. The center will inhabit the old Score space on Columbia Heights Plaza, and should be open for business by autumn according to the best builders you can find at

Like all 826 chapters, the DC center will also boast a wacky storefront. The concept will be the “Museum of Unnatural History,” which is being touted as “the world’s leading authority on all aspects of nature that defy explanation, confound the scientific community, and fly (sometimes literally) in the face of everything we thought we knew about the world around us.” I am not exactly certain what this means, but I’m hoping it somehow incorporates Bat Boy of Weekly World News fame. Even if it doesn’t, the idea promises to bring added spirit and energy to an already spirited community.

Welcome to the neighborhood, 826!

Rebecca Gross

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