Beer and Food Pairing at Little Miss Whiskey’s

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As a beer lover there’s something so interesting that pairings do to the way you experience beer.  You still think about the malt characteristics and the quality of the yeast as you drink, but you get the added element of how your beer is cutting or complimenting your food.  You experience whole new flavors and elements of the brew that the food enhances.  You’re continually surprised by how reality contradicts your intellectual supposition of how a certain beer with pair with a particular food.

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience pairing dinners on a few occasions, but they’re still rare enough that I still get excited when another one comes along, especially when it’s at a bar I like.  That’s why I’m happy to announce that Little Miss Whiskey’s will be joining forces with the Liberty Tree to host a beer and food pairing dinner tomorrow evening. Chef Graig Glufling of the Liberty Tree created a menu complete with oysters with a corn-spinach-horseradish cream, bacon wrapped scallops in a maple glaze, pork crusted in porcini and apple-cherry crisp to be paired with a collection of German and America beers provided by Mark Thorp, owner of Little Miss Whiskey’s.

Of particular interest is the malty, caramely, super-alcoholic EKU 28 paired with the rich, sweet, scallops, and the cherry flavored Founders Cerise which takes on an incredible tartness when drunk with the apple crisp. Thorp is offering four courses for $25, which makes this arguably the most reasonably priced pairing dinner in town. Check out the full menu and be sure to get to Little Miss Whiskey’s between 6pm and 8pm, Tuesday for the event.

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