Meteors over Screen on the Green?

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‘Strisciata stellare ad Est’
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Did anyone else see the large meteors that fell over DC, last night? I was at Screen on the Green last night watching 12 Angry Men (always awesome) and I saw two flaming chunks of rock fall over the Capitol.  And I’m not talking about dainty shooting stars. These were large enough and close enough to be seen despite the city’s light pollution and definitely caught the attention of most of the movie goers. You could even see the rocks beginning to break up and shed chunks of debris.  They kind of looked like fireworks right before the explode.  Did anyone else see them, or am I crazy?

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6 thoughts on “Meteors over Screen on the Green?

  1. Yes, I saw two of them also, they were awesome. The first one was amazing, shooting right to left and breaking up a bit. I didn’t see the second one as well because it dropped behind the screen from my angle, but it looked brighter than the first from what I could tell.

    I’m pretty sure most of the crowd saw them also because they oohed and ahhed when it happened. They were perfectly positioned to be seen by anyone whose eyes were focused on the screen at the time. Just amazing.

  2. It was definitely cool… I missed the one that broke up, but you couldn’t help but see the second. Definitely added to the already cool view of the Capitol and the full moon.

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