Miss Iowa Comes To Washington


So if you’ve been living under a rock since Tuesday night then you wouldn’t know this, but Miss Iowa came to visit NatsTown Friday night. Why? Good question. Seems random. I know. That’s because it is.

You see, word on the street is some people can’t take a joke or misconstrue a joke as a knock on their home state. When Miss Iowa aka Katherine Connors heard word that “some pitcher” was talking trash on her as seen on ESPN (aka Miguel Batista) by one of her friends, she had to stand up and defend herself.

The original comment by Batista was in regards to fans being disappointed that they came to see Strasburg Tuesday. After the rookie was scratched, Batista filled in. “Imagine if you go there to see Miss Universe and you end up having Miss Iowa,” Batista joked.

All joking aside though, it’s commendable that she takes her role as a state representative of sorts seriously enough to defend even the smallest claim by an emergency starter at a Tuesday night ballgame in the District.

Word from Connors is she did in fact grow up with electricity and running water, which many people seem to question her about since she’s from a state known for being quite “country.” Connors is from the Quad Cities (Bettendorf, Iowa to be exact) though and not the country, a fact she’s very proud of.

Update: When asked whether or not she had received any tips as to how to get the ball over the plate, Connors replied: “I’ve gotten a lot of pointers from different radio stations and they just tell me don’t stand on the mound, stand in front of it because it’s just not gonna go over well if you do.” Good call. She stood in front of the mound, in flats … not heels, and got the ball over the plate. Her moment in the Nats spotlight ended with a picture-perfect hug with Miguel Batista. Quality start to a weekend of Phillies-Nats baseball in the District.


Rizzo and Miss Iowa

Miss Iowa shoes

Batista and Miss Iowa hug it out - July 30, 2010

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6 thoughts on “Miss Iowa Comes To Washington

  1. Because nothing says “Take me and my state seriously” like wearing a baseball jersey – and nothing else.

  2. 1. She’s wearing shorts – like every other good looking young girl in the US. They obviously gave her the jersey and it covered her shorts from the front. I’m sure she planned it that way. Jesus.

    2. Quad Cities? You seriously make fun of someone because of where they were born? Does that define someone’s personality, intelligence and future success? Washington DC is known for crack, murders and the scum of our country (politicians).

    3 and 4. Yes, it turned out nice for everyone. It was a fun side-story – nothing more. Why people have to make fun of Iowa and Katherine makes no sense.

  3. Chad – I stand corrected. She is wearing shorts, covered by a jersey. And nothing else.