Nature’s Fury: Braddock Road Edition

photo by author.

Alexandria got hit hard by yesterday’s freak storm.The worst hit area seemed to be the North/South stretch of Braddock Road between Old Town and Route 7. That stretch looked like it had been hit by a mini-tornado; trees down, roads closed, cars and homes struck. In the several hours it took me to drive home from DC last night, I got a tour of some pretty spectacular storm damage. Here are some shots I took that I think give a pretty good impression of how strong this storm was.

Stare in awe at the aftermath of nature’s fury.









all photos by author.

Looks like Del Ray got some too…

courtesy of Catherine Cooling.

“Del Ray Post Office Window” courtesy of Catherine Cooling.

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11 thoughts on “Nature’s Fury: Braddock Road Edition

  1. Does anybody know about the power situation in Del Ray? I escaped to Arlington last night and haven’t been back. It was a war zone last night, we found a shutter from a house a few doors down in our front yard.

  2. Kristen – as of now most of the northern end of del ray seems to be back on, although friends who live in the south section of del ray around glendale & commonwealth said some blocks are still out (as of about 10 minutes ago). Cheesetique & Dairy Godmother are open, at any rate ;-)

  3. Thanks for the info, my house is on the south side – Nelson Ave near the bakery. I wonder why Del Ray had so much more damage.

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  5. Just checked with someone on LeGrande Ave, near E.Del Ray Ave, about 3 blocks from Rte 1–power still out. I live nearby and with the lines, poles and trees down around me, would be surprised if it wasnt at least another day. Would love to be wrong, though

  6. The trees have finally cracked. After years of standing by while we pollute the earth with our cars they have decided to strike back. Rather than reach a diplomatic solution they have turned to violence. I call on the President to send a message to these stiff bastards that think they can intimidate us. This means war.

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