Barack Obama Elementary Opens In Maryland

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‘Smirking Prez’
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It’s been a few decades since I left the fifth grade, but all of a sudden, I’m itching to go back. Why? Because Barack Obama Elementary School opened its doors today in Upper Marlboro, Md. I’m thinking that with a spectacular name like that, homework will be fun and tests will be glorious. Plus, you must get a lot of playground cred for having this nebulous link to Barry at age six. Adding to the school’s cool factor is its array of green features. The school is equipped with low-flush toilets, motion sensors for classroom lighting, and underground water tanks that will take the place of boilers.

This is the seventh school in the nation to be named after the President, and the first in the DC metro region.

Rebecca Gross

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  1. And thank you Michael for contributing to WLDC’s flickr pool! You gave me a lot of great pics to choose from!

  2. Funny how a “smirk” (photo title) looks more like embarrassed pleasure in this context!