Chef Art Gets Hitched

Photo by Moshe Zusman Photography

There are few things I love more than a good wedding. And boy does this wedding sound good. On Saturday, Chef Art Smith of Art and Soul married his partner of 10 years, Jesus Salguerio. The couple celebrated with an entire day of festivities, which included everything from an impromptu Lady Gaga singalong to a celebrity chef potluck.

The ceremony was held at Art and Soul, and was presided over by spiritualist Marianne Williamson. The grooms wore matching suits by Daniel Sudur, as well as white sneakers emblazoned with Mr. Salguerio’s heart artwork. After the couple recited their own vows, guests were treated to a barbecue buffet, also held at Art and Soul. Dishes included pulled pork and baked beans by BBQ Pitmaster Myron Mixon, coleslaw by Ludo Lefebve of Top Chef Masters fame, macaroni and cheese by Michelle Bernstein of Top Chef, and fried chicken and biscuits by Rey Villalobos of Table 52.

After the star-studded feast, the party moved to the rooftop pool at Liaison Capitol Hill, where Moby spun beats for a Summertime Vegetarian Celebration. More food followed, including sweet treats from Georgetown Cupcake. The highlight of the night was no doubt when the couple jumped into the pool and “serenaded each other with Lady Gaga songs.” As I said, it sounds like a good wedding.

Congratulations Art and Jesus!

Rebecca Gross

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6 thoughts on “Chef Art Gets Hitched

  1. Sweet! I officiated a wedding at Art and Soul between two very happy grooms a few months ago. It’s a nice venue, especially during patio weather.

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  4. Its funny everywhere I go to read about this story I see Mobys named mentioned. You say the highlight was when they sang Lady GaGa to each other? Well that was played by a local dj who was far more entertaining than Moby. Moby played music for about 35 minutes of the course of a 5 hour pool party, give credit to the guy that was playing there. His name was dj eric jones on the invite and he was fantastic, found him on facebook and he is going to share his great music from the party.

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