Blue Ridge to be Reborn as…Something

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Popular Glover Park restaurant Blue Ridge has gone through some growing pains since opening last summer. First celeb chef Barton Seaver left earlier this spring, and then the restaurant changed over their bar focus from wine to beer. Well, more change is coming. The Glover Park Gazette reports that in the next few weeks, Blue Ridge will close down in order to perform some pretty extensive renovations. After a couple months of intense construction and soul searching, the restaurant will reopen with a new name and completely new vibe.

Their plan is to keep the farm-to-table sensibility to their menu, but change the feel of the restaurant with longer hours, all-day breakfast and a coffeehouse vibe. The restaurant has had a lot of success with their neighborhood-focused events (like “stroller happy hours”, free WiFi, beer tastings and cooking classes) and they hope to expand on that success in the future.

In addition, they will open Hero Bar in the near future on the second floor above Blue Ridge, filling the void in Glover Park’s heart for a bar with a trivia night. The bar will be accessible through the alley on the side of the restaurant, as well as through the front door of Blue Ridge.

Fans of the restaurant are asked to email the owners with suggestions and comments on what they would like to see improved by the renovations.

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One thought on “Blue Ridge to be Reborn as…Something

  1. Hero bar looks like a lame attempt to be re-accepted by a neighborhood that the owners felt “didn’t understand Blue Ridge” Thanks for dumbing it down for us, maybe we’ll get it this time.