Hot Ticket: The Charlatans UK – TONIGHT

Barring an unforseen setback, brit-pop veterans The Charlatans will take the stage tonight at the Black Cat, finally making their return to the DC area after two years of back to back canceled tours. Their return concert is expected to be a special one as they have three new albums worth of top-notch material that they’ve never played in the US before, in addition to 2010 marking the 20th Anniversary of their excellent madchester-defining debut, “Some Friendly“. Technically this tour is to promote their latest album “Who We Touch“, which drops next Tuesday, but I think the “Some Friendly” anniversary will have The Charlies in a somewhat retrospective mood as well.

The Charlatans are one of the most consistently fun, good time live acts one can see. Tim Burgess is an incredibly charismatic and eccentric frontman with an ultra-cool voice and the band around him build a head of steam that erupts when their songs hit their middle instrumental jam sections. DC is extra fortunate to see The Charlatans playing in a club the size of The Black Cat, back home in the UK these guys are still large-venue-filling super-stars. As anyone who’s heard me DJ probably already knows, I am personally thrilled to be seeing The Charlatans in concert again tonight. I’ll see you there.

The Charlatans UK
w/ Sherlock’s Daughter
@ The Black Cat

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2 thoughts on “Hot Ticket: The Charlatans UK – TONIGHT

  1. I was there last night and the show was incredible. I felt like I was 18 again when I last saw them in 1992. The sound mix was horrible at the front, but it didn’t matter. Madchester forever!