Woman Struck By Car in Adams Morgan Dies

Julia Bachleitner, one of the women struck by a drunk driver last week in Adams Morgan, died this afternoon from injuries sustained during the accident. She was 26. Ms. Bachleitner was a native of Austria, and had recently arrived in Washington to begin her second year of studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. She spent the first year of her masters program at the school’s campus in Bologna.

Ms. Bachleitner is survived by her parents and twin sister Kati, all of whom were with her when she passed away.

Rebecca Gross

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11 thoughts on “Woman Struck By Car in Adams Morgan Dies

  1. My deepest sympathies to her family and friends. I don’t know her, but have been thinking about her and pulling for her all week. I was really hoping that she would survive as she seemed like an amazing young woman. What a terrible loss. I’m sorry Julia.

  2. This is such a tragedy. This never should have happened, people in the U.S. need to take drunk driving more seriously. Now a young woman’s life has ended because Miss Adams decided to get behind the wheel instead of finding alternate transportation home. Deepest sympathies to Julia’s family and friends during this awful time. I hope that Melissa Basque is able to make a full recovery from her injuries. I also hope that Miss Adams goes to jail for as long as the law will allow.

  3. That’s truly horrible. And the [person of deficient character] [Chamica] gets to live. It’s just not fair.

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  4. Drunkenness and negligence strike again. Very sad, As a regular at Locolat Cafe on the corner of 18th and Florida, I often sit and watch these nail-bitingly close calls between people absentmindedly stepping off the curb and cars careening by a high speeds. It is a confusingly complex intersection with a a basic traffic signal system. With 6 or more crossing options and as many lights at the intersection all on some sort of diagonal, it is nearly impossible to know when it is safe to cross the street. My friend who lives nearby has called the City government to complain about the confusing lights at this intersection that seem to suggest all – the pedestrians and the drivers alike – at the same time that they have the right-of-way. The fact that this young woman had to die before anyone would give this dangerous intersection any attention is very sad and disappointing. i have sat there with friends and thought of many options to address the scary, near-death incidents that regularly occur at 18th and Florida. We agree that it would do us all good if that entire intersection came to a halt every few minutes bringing all vehicles to a stop while pedestrians get walk signals. I am sure our suggestion is harder than it seems to implementation, but slowing us all down for a minute or two and have pedestrians crossing together, might even be a civilized addition to our city rather than an inconvenience as waiting is characterized by many of us.

    Even if I undoubtedly would occasionally feel inconvenienced as a driver experiencing this type of ALL WAY STOP (NEWS FLASH: This is not a new concept!), I would welcome the opportunity to slow down – and practice mindful driving – in order to prevent future injury and/or death. I hope others will agree that it is well worth waiting to save even a single pedestrian’s life.

    My deepest condolences to Julia’s family and friends. May she always know your love and be in eternal peace.

  5. Menschen die wir lieben,
    bleiben für immer,
    denn sie hinterlassen
    ihre Spuren in
    unseren Herzen.

    In Stiller Trauer

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