The Winning Ticket: Billy Bragg

As a way to say thanks to our loyal readers, We Love DC will be giving away a pair of tickets to a 9:30 Club concert to one lucky reader each week. Check back here every Wednesday morning at 9am to find out what tickets we’re giving away and leave a comment for your chance to be the lucky winner!

This week’s prize is two tickets to catch legendary, political singer/songwriter Billy Bragg in concert at 9:30 Club on Sunday September 19th.

Billy Bragg needs little introduction. His 30-year career writing and performing punk-tinged alt-rock and folk music full of conscience-challenging political observations and honest love songs has made him a legend in the UK and an underground hero in the United States. Known in the UK for his far-left political leanings and never one to censor himself when discussing his take on the current state of world politics, Bragg’s shows in the nation’s capital have a reputation for stirring the audience’s political passions as much as they entertain.

For your chance to win these tickets simply leave a comment on this post using a valid email address between 9am and 4pm today. One entry per email address, please. Tickets for this show are also available through Ticketfly If today doesn’t turn out to be your lucky day, check back here each Wednesday for a chance to win tickets to other great concerts.

For the rules of this giveaway…

Comments will be closed at 4pm and a winner will be randomly selected. The winner will be notified by email. The winner must respond to our email within 24 hours or they will forfeit their tickets and we will pick another winner.

Tickets will be available to the winner at the 9:30 Club Guest List window one hour before doors open on the night of the concert. The tickets must be claimed with a valid ID. The winner must be old enough to attend the specific concert or must have a parent’s permission to enter if he/she is under 18 years old.

Michael splits his free time between defending the little guy and championing the underdog. He has been haunting the concert halls, dive bars, and greasy spoons of DC for the last 16 years. His interests include live rock music, researching obscure military/political conflicts, and good hamburgers. He is a friendly grump, has wisdom beyond his years, and is on a life-long quest to attain music nirvana. Follow him on Twitter if you dare!

42 thoughts on “The Winning Ticket: Billy Bragg

  1. I would like to go as well. I’m hoping for some happy karma to balance out my stolen rear bike wheel. Thanks!

  2. I had no idea he was playing here on sunday! I have seen his act many many times and would love to see him again!

  3. I don’t want to change the world. I’m not looking for a new England. I’m just looking to get on the guest list for Billy Bragg at the 9:30 Club.

  4. I could either study on Sunday or see Billy Bragg. I think seeing Billy Bragg would be a better use of my time and better for my mental state.

  5. I don’t want to change the world.
    I’m not looking for a new England.
    I’m just looking for free tickets to the Billy Bragg show.

  6. Wow.
    Now that I’ve actually read the comments I see I’m neither as wise or as witty as I think I am.
    With apologies to Todd (#14)!

  7. I don’t want to change the world, I’m not looking for a new DC, I’m just looking for a chance to hire a sitter and get out of the house to see one of my favorite artists…