Happy Equinox!

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‘Pennsylvania Avenue-Henge’
courtesy of ‘Ken Lund’

Tonight at 11:09pm, Summer clicks to a close, and we start my favoritest of seasons: Fall.  But, before that happens, there’s a unique phenomenon that happens in many cities with a downtown grid that conforms to the compass rose, the Stonehenge Phenomenon.  Today, the sun will set right down the lettered streets, which means that golden hour should be a real delight for photographers.  Here are a couple suggestions as to where you should be with your camera this evening.

The Chinatown Gate

Sun setting through the Chinatown Gate Arch?  Yeah, definitely.  Capture that sun right in the center, and you’ll nail one of DC’s best options.

Metro: Chinatown/Gallery Place, 7th & H St Exit (Yellow/Green/Red)

Smithsonian Castle

DC’s most famous castle would be an amazing place to be shooting.  Hop down to the Jefferson Street exit, and frame up the setting sun right between the Washington Monument and the Smithsonian Castle’s turret, and you’ll get quite a shot.

Metro: Smithsonian (Orange/Blue)

Lady Freedom’s Shadow

Where more perfect than East Capitol Street than to get the sun right behind the head of Lady Freedom?  Or the late glow of the day shrouding the Capitol Dome?

Metro: Capitol South (Orange/Blue)

C&O Canal

A perfect pedestrian/cyclist spot.  Use the 31st Street Bridge for the best view, I think.

Metro: Foggy Bottom (Orange/Blue) with walk to Gtown

Where are you shooting after work?

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