Bathroom you’d best steer clear of: McDonald’s in Adams Morgan

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We’ve all been there, out on the town when the urge strikes.  You can hold it, you can hope for a bathroom nearby, or you can run along home.  Today, we bring you the story of Chele, who tried to used the ladies’ room at McDonald’s in Adams Morgan in the case of a nigh-dire emergency:

After a full night of celebration at the rehearsal dinner, my Lilliputian bladder could not wait the remaining 10 blocks to the apartment before I succumbed to kidney failure.

I am not kidding. My Kidneys were locked in mortal combat with each other and sooner rather than later they were going to rebel and my insides would be shattered like an IED had exploded.

What happened next is a hilarious read, as Chele dukes it out with the Potty Cop at the Adams Morgan McDonalds late one night. Now, I know that McDonalds bathrooms are the last refuge of the desperate, but do you really need to berate and abuse the poor girl when she just needs to go pee?

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