Nats Skipper Jim Riggleman’s Back On Board For 2011

Photo by Rachel Levitin

That’s right. Jim Riggleman, 57, will be back on the field with the District’s ballclub in 2011.

The Nationals announced this afternoon that Riggleman, who replaced Manny Acta as the Nationals’ interim manager on July 14, 2009, will begin his third year as the team’s manager next season.

What does this mean for Riggleman? He will continue his managerial career with the hope of one day surpassing his previous highlights as a baseball skipper. Those highlights, however, are limited to one shimmering moment in 1998 when his Chicago Cubs won the Wild Card. Other than that, Riggleman is 624-787 (.442) in 11 years as an on-and-off-again Major League manager. He also managed the San Diego Padres from 1992-94 but they never reached the playoffs.

Washingon has improved under Riggleman’s watch having gone 69-93 (.426) in 2010 compared to their dismal 59-103 record in 2009.

What does this mean for the Nationals and their fans? If anything, it doesn’t hurt to keep a familiar face around to manage a clubhouse hungry for victory. Fans and players should also be ready for that double switch. It’s pretty much Riggleman’s calling card on the field.

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2 thoughts on “Nats Skipper Jim Riggleman’s Back On Board For 2011

  1. Can I nitpick?

    “That’s right. Jim Riggleman, 57, will be back on the field with the District’s ballclub in 2011.”

    It’s not just the District that supports the team, and in fact, I would think the majority of fans are from Virginia.

    Sorry, but sometimes I get sensitive about DC-centric thinking, if that is the term.

    I know it is not intentional, so no biggie!

    Good to see Rigg back.

  2. Nothing’s going to happen until the Nats get more major league-ready talent. Some kind of free-agent signing splash would work wonders. And maybe keeping Dunn.

    That and getting those snazzy new home unis, of course.