The High Heel Race in Pictures

High Heel Race by mpr131

The High Heel Race that takes place every year on 17th street in Dupont Circle is a scene not to be missed.  The event itself is less about the race (which lasts all of 60 seconds) than it is about the costumes, the makeup, the swagger, the prancing, and the political statements being made.  The race is notorious for summoning bad weather, but last night the drag queen gods granted a reprieve by giving the crowd perfect running conditions.  As with many events in DC, nearly every spectator had a camera in hand, whether it be a DSLR, a point and shoot, an iPhone, or one of those things that shoots film.  Many thanks to our Flickr contributors for their great submissions that follow after the jump.

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Red by pablo.raw

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Bubbles, feathers and red leather by gerdaindc

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Holy S&M, Batman! by Rolenz

untitled by mpr131

Sister of the Night by M.V. Jantzen

Got Milk? by LaTur

cupcake by ekelly80

highheelsrace-14 by dr_kim_veis [”o ]

highheelsrace-6 by dr_kim_veis [”o ]

High Heel Race by vpickering

High Heel Race by vpickering

Michael & Macaulay #1 by Rolenz

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