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I’m clearly a food cart convert, but there are some days when you want your hot dog to come from a place with a front door. Enter DC-3. From the folks behind Matchbox, the newest edition to Barracks Row is all hot dog, all the time. The dogs are all based on regional favorites, from the classic Chicago 7 (all-beef, poppy seed bun, tomato, pickle, relish, onions, peppers and mustard) to the not-so-classic Q’s Seoul Bulgogi & Kimchi (beef dog, Frankfurt loaf, rib-eye bulgogi and pickled kimchi). The menu even includes a nod to the D.C.-area with the Bay Bridge Pretzel Dog, an all-beef dog on a pretzel roll, slathered with crab dip and Old Bay.

The restaurant’s moniker comes from the plane of the same name, and the owners make sure you know it’s not a coincidence. Not only is there a giant DC-3 propeller hung on the wall, the menu is designed to look like an airline ticket. Unfortunately you won’t get any frequent flyer miles while you’re there, but who needs a free upgrade when you’ve got fancy hot dogs, right?

Ashley Messick

Ashley is a born and bred Washingtonian who left for college but came running back to the District as fast as her little legs could carry her. By day she is a Capitol Hill brat, but by night she is a lean, mean, eating machine. It’s her goal in life to steal Anthony Bourdain’s job…by whatever means necessary. Contact her at Ashley (at) welovedc (dot) com or follow her on Twitter.

6 thoughts on “DC-3 Opens Today

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  2. Since it’s just opened, I can forgive the oversight, and I’m super excited to find a DC establishment that I can get a Chicago-style hot dog from, but really? No half-smoke? I mean, sure maybe it’s not *technically* a hot dog, but it’s close enough and any DC resident is going to expect to see it.

  3. It’s true! The D.C. Hot Half-Smoke is on the menu. If DC-3 counts a falafel dog as a hot dog, they definitely count a half-smoke.

  4. I was customer # 3 today. Paid 12.79 for a cincinnati dog, a west virginia dog soda and a bag of chips. They were pretty good, but I had to wonder , for lunch I could have done alot better. I might go back.

  5. DC-3 has good dogs, but if you want just a plain dog with ketchup it is outrageously expensive. $6 for a hotdog with ketchup.