Thanksgiving Options for Every Eater

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Between stressing out about whether to attack the stuffing or the mashed potatoes first, or hoping that your stupid brother doesn’t clothesline you in the family football game again this year, Thanksgiving prep can weigh heavy on the mind. And in a town like D.C., everyone’s Thanksgiving is not the same. Parents coming in town to shower you with love in the form of cornbread and sweet potato casserole? Or did your family book a trip to Maui and conveniently forget to tell you, forcing you to find some Thanksgiving pals via Craigslist and the cork board at your office? There is thankfully (Thanksgiving pun alert!) an option for everyone this year.

So You’re Going to a Refugee Pot Luck

When a rag tag group of pseudo-friends gets together out of necessity and too-expensive flights home for the holidays, it can be pretty weird. And when everyone brings biscuits from a can and no one brings stuffing or vegetables, it can get even weirder. Do your part to contribute this year with a little help from restaurants in town that offer sides and desserts to go for Turkey Day.

  • Ris – Pick up your sides and pies here, including a couple kinds of stuffing, gravy and four kinds of pie. Order by Thursday, November 18th. Pick up is Tuesday the 23rd or Wednesday the 24th from 3pm-5pm.
  • Co Co. Sala – Instead of just one pie, how about two pies and a bunch of other desserts? Then the “Thanksgiving Dessert Buffet” ($95) is for you. Order by Saturday, November 20th for pickup on Wednesday, November 24th.
  • Bistro Bis/Vidalia – Pies available at both locations for $18.95, order by November 20th.
  • Cafe Saint-Ex – Pumpkin, apple and pecan pies ($18-$20). Email by November 19th to order. Pick up is Wednesday, November 24th.
  • Cork Market – A slew of sides (including the delicious house-cured duck confit or the Brussels sprouts with pancetta) and a few pies are available for order by Monday, November 22nd. Pick up is either Wednesday the 24th or Thanksgiving Day.
  • Dangerously Delicious Pies – They have thirteen pies available for pickup up until Thanksgiving Day. Each is $30 a pie, and must be ordered by midnight on November 18th.
  • Nage – They’ve got sides for $24 a pop that serve 12, two kinds of pie ($15) and pumpkin cheesecake ($35). Order by Thursday, November 18th, pick up is Wednesday, November 24th.

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Help! I Forgot I Can’t Cook

Whether you know in your heart that you will inevitably screw up the meal you have planned to cook, or you just plain don’t want to cook, there are plenty of places that will fix your entire Thanksgiving meal and have it packaged and ready for you on the big day.

  • Carmine’s – Family style feasts for 8-10 people ($195) includes the turkey, stuffing, sides, and a pie. Order by Monday, November 22nd. Pickup is on Thanksgiving starting at 11am, or delivery is free if you live close to the restaurant.
  • The Butcher’s Block – Along with your traditional Thanksgiving fixin’s, the Alexandria shop will also offer a Porchetta Roast to take home for the holiday. All orders must be made by Tuesday, November 16th, and must be picked up no later than 3pm on Wednesday, November 24th.
  • BlackSalt – Soups, salads, seafood, turkey, ham and everything else you could ever want. Order by Sunday, November 21st. Pick up is Wednesday, November 24th.
  • Acadiana – Dinner for eight ($95), includes a deep-fried turkey, biscuits, four sides and a pie. Order by Sunday, November 21st. Pick up is Thursday, November 25th from 10am-12pm.
  • Zola Wine & Kitchen – You can get a roasted turkey or an oven ready one if you are feeling daring, plus tons of sides in two pound increments. Also available are full meals for six to eight. Order by Monday, November 22nd. Pickup is Wednesday, November 24th from 11am-8pm.
  • Evening Star Cafe – Courtesy of Star Catering, you can either choose a full meal that serves 8 for $165, or choose anything a la carte, including pies from Buzz Bakery. Orders must be received by Saturday, November 20th, and pickup is available at various locations on Wednesday the 24th, and delivery is available (for an additional fee).
  • Georgia Brown’s – All the Thanksgiving favorites are available on their nifty web-based ordering system. Meals are available for pickup on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Perry’s – All your Thanksgiving hits are available from turkey, to an oyster stew kit, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, and pies, pies, pies. Order by Sunday, November 21st, and pickup is Wednesday, November 24th from 8am-5pm.

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My Oven is Too Small for a Turkey

So you and your friends don’t want to cook but also don’t want to spend a car payment on dinner. Though D.C. restaurants seem to really love to jack up their prices on Thanksgiving (it’s the holiday spirit of it I guess), there are some places around town that offer a bit more reasonable prix fixe meals for you and yours.

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My Parents are Coming in Town/Cha-Ching

So, moneybags, you’ve got someone else bankrolling your dinner. Well splurge your little heart out then. Here is a list of the more wallet-unfriendly meals around town, listed in order of budget-bustingness.

  • Ardeo – Three courses, $45 per person
  • 701 – Three courses, $45 per person
  • Bibiana – Three courses, $45 per person
  • Hudson Restaurant – Four courses, $49 per person
  • 1789 – Three courses, $50 per person
  • Jackson 20 – Three courses, $50 per person
  • The Oval Room – Three courses, $50 per person
  • Equinox – Oyster roast and three course dinner, $55 per person
  • B. Smith’s – Thanksgiving buffet, $60 per person
  • Morrison-Clark – Three courses, $60 per person
  • Trummer’s on Main – Three courses, $64 per person
  • Art & Soul – Three courses plus a “leftovers” turkey sandwich to take home, $65 per person
  • 2941 – Three courses, $65 per person
  • Brabo – Three courses, $65 per person
  • Sou’Wester – Thanksgiving buffet, $65 per person
  • J&G Steakhouse – Three courses, $68 per person
  • Buddha Bar – Asian-inspired Thanksgiving meal, $75 per person
  • Blue Duck Tavern – Thanksgiving brunch, $90 per person
  • Bourbon Steak – Three courses, $90 per person
  • Adour – Four courses, $90 per person

If all else fails, there’s always the option of the “Thanksgiving On a Bun” and Pumpkin Pie shake at BGR. Gobble, gobble!

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