MPD Suspends Assistant Chief over testing misconduct issue

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Assistant Police Chief Diane Groomes was placed on administrative leave late yesterday over allegations of corruption related to promotion tests. Asst. Chief Alfred Durham will take over her duties until the investigation is complete.  Groomes is alleged to have helped commanders who did not take their National Incident Management System test, which is required for all top-level MPD staff to be cognizant of national situations.

Asst. Chief Groomes said in a statement to FOX 5: “I am sorry for my actions and bad judgment…and bringing discredit to the best chief…police department and city.”

There has been significant outpouring of support on community listserves for Chief Groomes from citizens and community leaders alike, with many calling her a “dedicated law enforcement officer” and citing a record of strong service to the department.

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One thought on “MPD Suspends Assistant Chief over testing misconduct issue

  1. I want to meet the a$$hole that ran his assistant chief under the bus over “in-service”!
    Are they that pressed to give their illegitimate selves a name..?? SMH!!