Hot Ticket: Richie Hawtin @ U Street Music Hall – TONIGHT

courtesy of MSO.

U Street Music Hall is the place to be tonight as Richie Hawtin takes on their epic soundsystem with one of his innovative and awe-inspiring live DJ sets.

To call Richie Hawtin a legend of underground electronic music would be an understatement. He has been pushing the limits of dance music and the technology used to make it for two decades. Under his Plastikman guise, Hawtin pretty much defined minimal techno as a genre. Although Hawtin is Canadian, it was in Detroit where he made his mark as one of the prime movers in the Detroit Techno renaissance of the 1990’s. A godfather of the Detroit second wave, a progenitor of minimal techno, a technological innovator, and a legendary party DJ Richie Hawtin is the embodiment of the cutting edge dance scene.

What Hawtin has in store for DC tonight is anyone’s guess. The one sure thing is that whatever science he drops on us will be unlike anything most of us have heard before. Hawtin is going to do some damage with U Street’s incredible sound system. I expect nothing less than a jaw-dropping, head-spinning set when Richie Hawtin takes to the decks.

Richie Hawtin
w/ Gaiser
@ U Street Music Hall
Doors at 8pm

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