Hot Ticket: The Sword @ 9:30 Club – TONIGHT!

Heavy Metal will never die. Like John Carpenter’s “The Thing” it will evolve, mutate, shape-shift, and grow until it assimilates and subjugates all other genres to achieve total domination. Of the many forms Metal takes, perhaps the most pure is the fantasy/sci-fi inspired sound of the 70’s. There is no current Metal band revisiting this sound better than The Sword. Like the original Thing that stumbled out of its spacecraft in Antarctica, The Sword are here to conquer with their inhuman speed and power. Their first two albums combine into one epic fantasy tome that would have made Robert E. Howard proud. Their latest release, “Warp Riders”, plays like the soundtrack to a hundred 70’s Science Fiction novel covers come to life.

The Sword (with a new drummer) are hitting the 9:30 Club tonight to make up for their canceled October show. Don’t miss their awesome dime-novel-inspired, retro-Metal onslaught!

The Sword
w/ Karma To Burn & Mount Carmel
@ 9:30 Club
12/6 – $20

NOTE: This is NOT a contest post.

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