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December’s increasingly short days and this week’s biting wind have forced many of us into hibernation mode. With the outside world so inhospitable these days, it’s time to look for inside activities to keep from going stir-crazy, and dr_kim_veis has shared his cure for the winter blues with us for today’s featured photo.

The image on the wall is a camera obscura projection, and it’s made using a technique that pre-dates photography. All you need to do it yourself is a window to mount a lens on and a spot for the image to show up. The end result lets you see the scenes and lights and colors of the outside world without ever leaving the comfort of that blanket you’re hiding under. The Internet is full of people who have experimented with techniques, and there’s a Flickr group devoted to sharing images from users’ work.

The projection itself can be a work of art, or, like our photographer, you can turn the camera lens on the scene and create an image like this one. When Samer featured a similar shot back in August, he talked a little bit about the technique needed to capture these images. But, like the camera obscura itself, half the fun is in the experience and experimentation. So take one of these cold dark evenings to see what you can put together. When you’re done, share your images with us in the We Love DC Flickr pool.

Erin McCann

Erin takes pictures. Lots of them. And then she tweets about them.

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