Ladies: It’s Time to Get Gay

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Sequins and feathers and butt pads, oh my. Ladies, if you’ve ever envied the glitz and glamor of a good drag show, here’s your chance to shine. On Jan. 30, the Miss Faux Queen National/International will take place at Ziegfields/Secrets. Billed as “a pageant for bio-females with a drag queen caught in their body,” the event is a way to say thanks for those women who help fight the good fight. According to a statement, “So many women help out with events for the gay community and rarely have a fun event tailored just for them.”

The pageant won’t just be a simple shimmy down the catwalk however. Each contestant will be assigned a drag mother, and will be scored in four categories: female interview, on-stage interview, talent and costume. Wigs, it would seem, are a must.

Admission is $20 and doors open at 2:00 p.m. The contest itself will start at 3:00 p.m. Interested in competing? Contact for more information.

The pageant is sponsored by the newly-formed Imperial Court of Washington, DC, the latest branch of The Imperial Court International. Despite its whimsical name, the organization does some serious work for the LGBT community, raising funds and promoting awareness for HIV/AIDS, social services and youth enrichment.

Rebecca Gross

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