House Passes Statuary Hall Bill

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‘Statuary Hall’
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One small vote for Congress, one semi-large symbolic step for DC. Last night, the House passed a bill that would allow Washington to erect a statue in the Capitol’s honored Statuary Hall. Each state is granted two statues in the Hall; the version of the bill that passed allotted the District only one. Heaven forbid we think ourselves on par with our fellow Americans.

Our statues are already sculpted and ready to go: Pierre L’Enfant and Frederick Douglass have been waiting it out in One Judiciary Square for quite some time. Should the bill pass the Senate, the next fight will no doubt be which statue will get its chance to shine on the national stage.

Rebecca Gross

Raised in nearby MoCo, Rebecca happily jumped the District line in 2005. When not stuck behind a computer, she can be found exploring the city’s many wonders, usually with her trusty canine sidekick Jasper Jones. Questions, comments, concerns? Email her at RebeccaGross (at)

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