DC Empanadas Launches Today

Photo Courtesy of DC Empanadas

Though it maybe frigid outside, that doesn’t stop the few, the proud, the new food trucks from rolling out. After months of going through the oft-mentioned permit process, the DC Empanadas truck is finally fully operational and ready to serve.

DC Empanadas is brought to you by the husband and wife team of Anna Bran-Leis and Shawn Leis, a couple of Washington area natives who met in Kindergarten (everyone now…awwww). After Anna decided that life on the road was for her, she only had to figure out what the D.C. elite needed to eat. With her Guatemalan background and the fact that empanadas are quite delicious, it seemed like a no-brainer.

They will serve their empanadas from a revolving list of incarnations both traditional and quite creative. From “The Traditional” which is a mix of grilled sirloin, Spanish olives, hard boiled eggs, raisins and onions to the “Menage a Trois” with brie, figs and Marcona almonds. At the Curbside Cookoff this summer, I tried out a few of the fancy empanadas and can say they are not to be missed. The “Taj Mahal” (chicken tikka) was super flavorful, while the “Veggie Nirvana” was way more satisfying than most vegetarian lunch options I encounter. If anyone spots the “Il Paesano” (prosciutto, mozzarella and dates), let this lady know, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Look for the truck today near Capitol South and tomorrow at Federal Center.

Ashley Messick

Ashley is a born and bred Washingtonian who left for college but came running back to the District as fast as her little legs could carry her. By day she is a Capitol Hill brat, but by night she is a lean, mean, eating machine. It’s her goal in life to steal Anthony Bourdain’s job…by whatever means necessary. Contact her at Ashley (at) welovedc (dot) com or follow her on Twitter.

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