TheFashionMagpie: Miss DC Send-Off Tonight

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‘Miss Teen America’
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Does anyone watch the Miss America pageant anymore?  Some consider the annual competition an offensive vestige of not-so-progressive [read: chauvinistic] yesteryear, but I must confess to a strange interest in the spectacle.  Perhaps this curiosity has been fueled by the addictive, deliciously edited, and highly disturbing “Toddlers and Tiaras” series on TLC; perhaps I find the pageantry a throwback to my Barbie-obsessed youth.  Regardless, those that share my passing bemusement (or any more enthused variation on that theme) may be interested in attending  the Miss District of Columbia send-off to the Miss America Pageant, which will be held at The Institute of World Politics (1521 16th St, NW) at 6:30 p.m tonight.  The event is open to the public, but a $25 “donation” is “suggested.”  Tickets can be purchased via the Miss DC website.

I’ve heard through the blogosophere that some of the pageant clothing that Miss DC, med student Stephanie Williams, will be wearing at the 2011 Pageant (to be held in Vegas and aired on ABC on Saturday, January 15th at 9 pm) will be on display this evening.  The thought of “pageant clothing” leaves something to be desired, but I like that Miss DC–or her stylists–make a point of purchasing her wardrobe locally (including at my favorite accessories boutique, Sassanova).  Check out some of her latest looks and their purchase points here.  For those seriously interested in seeing a District gal win the nation-wide pageant, cast your vote on Miss Williams’ behalf at the Miss America website after watching her contestant video.  Believe me, it’s not half as painful as some of the other gems available for viewing on the site, which present an excellent, cringe-filled way to pass a slow afternoon.  I hesitate to put anyone to shame, but this song and dance from Miss Connecticut made me want to crawl under a rug.  Cute girl, solid effort, but, the shoulder shrug midway through the performance make me want to cry.  Will you be tuning in this year?



Jen, aka TheFashionMagpie, is a D.C. native and has not strayed far from the District in her 26 years, save a brief stint in Charlottesville for her undergrad degree at UVA. By day, Jen works for a private foundation. In her spare time, she maintains a fashion blog (, writes for We Love DC, and shops…a lot. Follow her on Twitter @AFashionMagpie.

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