Lit Geeks Need Love Too

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If yesterday’s snowfall left you longing for a cuddle buddy, then it’s time to get your date on. The activity-based online dating site How About We… is hosting a singles book swap tonight at the 14th Street location of Busboys and Poets at 7 p.m. The invitation encourages guests to “pick up a paperback and see who else finds Nabakov (or Where’s Waldo?) sexy.” Here’s a helpful tip: no one finds Where’s Waldo? sexy. If that’s the tome you plan on bringing, you might want to dig a little deeper in your library.

What, “Hemingway, so hot right now” doesn’t strike  you as the world’s greatest pick up line? Don’t worry, liquid courage will be available, which should make any literary line seem infinitely more clever. Just don’t quote Mein Kampf. Also never sexy.

Rebecca Gross

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