Mt. Pleasant Temporium Opens Jan. 28

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It’s no secret that I think Mt. Pleasant is the greatest thing since Atari. I write about it a lot, talk about it more, and try and convince people that beer tastes better here and the sun shines more brightly (both are facts, look them up). But just when I thought my lovefest had reached its saturation point, a new Temporium goes and ups the awesome ante.

On Jan. 28, the Mt. Pleasant Temporium will open its doors at 3068 Mt. Pleasant Street, ushering in a month of local crafts and art. The pop-up retail space was conceived and organized by Mount Pleasant Main Street, which was awarded a $15,000 grant for the project from the Temporary Urbanism Initiative of the DC Office of Planning. Built around a theme of “storytelling,” the space will sell handmade goods from 30 local artisans, and will feature an events lineup that includes craft workshops, education panels, storytelling performances, live music and even an original play. The Temporium will be open for 24 dates through Feb. 26; exact dates and retail hours should be announced later next week. This is the city’s second Temporium, and follows the success of last summer’s original pop-up on H Street NE.

Although the Temporium will be fleeting, the space will retain a vibrant presence on MtP Street when Nana re-opens at the same address in early March. Could these twin events signify the street’s imminent transformation into a viable retail corridor? Time will tell my friends, time will tell.

Rebecca Gross

Raised in nearby MoCo, Rebecca happily jumped the District line in 2005. When not stuck behind a computer, she can be found exploring the city’s many wonders, usually with her trusty canine sidekick Jasper Jones. Questions, comments, concerns? Email her at RebeccaGross (at)

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