Dismemberment Plan: a weekend in tweets


When Dismemberment Plan’s “Emergency & I” was first released in 1999, “tweet” was the sound a bird made. This weekend, as they played three reunion shows in our city’s finest venues (check back at 3 for Brittany’s review!), it became an often hilarious and sometimes poignant way for some fans to experience the event. Many of you might complain that in the age of smartphones, we’ve forgotten how to kick back and just enjoy the music. But as someone who spent Friday and Saturday night’s shows following along from home, and Sunday night’s show sending photos out to friends who couldn’t make it, I’d argue that there’s some communal value in the concert tweet. There’s room for poignancy, humor and nostalgia in those 140 characters, all of which were on display by some of DC’s tweeters this weekend. Below the jump, a collection of our favorites.

@ctklimek: Travis: I should get my Fugazi pants! Jason: Ian’s gonna punch us all in the balls. #DPlan

@brfreed: Attention dude holding the plaid hat: We can see that your hat is very plaid. Is there anything else you wish to discuss? #dplan

@abeaujon: Funny how time collapses as you get older. Doesn’t feel like so long since I last saw this band but it musta been 2002? Bowery. #Dplan

@travismorrison: @thedplan that was one of the best shows we’ve ever played. I want this weekend to not end. And yeah I sang far east movement.

@abeaujon: Is #dplan show over? Everybody went quiet allofasudden. Valiantly DMing around, searching for clarity. #tbdnight

@Chris__Richards: The main difference between last night’s @thedplan show @BlackCatDC and tonight’s show @930Club is that this room smells like food.

@sommermathis: Travis Morrison’s decision wear a blazer/shirt combo buttoned all the way up a minor tragedy, lady #dplan fans agree. #tbdnight

@sommermathis: Oh he unbuttoned the top button! Much better. #dplan #tbdnight

@sarahgodfrey: “the city” just elicited primal scream from girl on the balcony #dplan @930Club#tbdnight

@heathermg: Emergency & I is on the Wonderland stereo. This whole town is happily sinking into a @dplan shaped hole. Even the bar baby likes it.

@amorrissey: black cat, where the line for @thedplan is no longer blocking access to the red room bar.

@fritzhahn: Man, what are all the blogs in DC going to do for content once the @thedplan shows are over and photos/reviews have been posted? #walewho?

@ahess: I really need to finish watching LOST. Because @travismorrison looks a lot like Daniel Faraday. #dplan

@davestroup: Life is sometimes complicated, sometimes messy, sometimes awkward, sometimes wonderful. #dplan do a great job of expressing that.

@travismorrison: You know who else gets mentioned on twiter by @ariannahuff and @questlovewithin a 12-hour space? BARACK OBAMA. #justsayin

@thedplan: Game time.

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Erin takes pictures. Lots of them. And then she tweets about them.

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