Hot Ticket: Baths @ Rock & Roll Hotel, TONIGHT!

“Cerulean” by Baths is my favorite album of 2010 that I discoverd in 2011. This week the internet is ablaze with hype for James Blake’s debut album, which granted is an emotional, electronic tour de force; but so is “Cerulean” by this 21-year old producer from Los Angeles. While James Blake continues building hype in the US behind a veil of secrecy (he’ll make his live US debut at SXSW soon), Baths aka Will Wiesenfeld is currently in the middle of a national tour spreading his off-kilter electro sounds and surprisingly emotional message city by city. Baths is playing at Rock & Roll Hotel tonight and the I expect the show to be a rare combination of massive, cutting edge beats and vulnerable vocals as Wiesenfeld croons through a crazy array of voice modulation and live mixes some sonic science. I highly recommend checking this one out!

w/ Braids and Blackbird Blackbird
@ Rock & Roll Hotel
2/11/11 – 8:30pm

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