Virginia to alter stop light laws?

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Virginia is considering a bill (actually, it’s most of the way through the system) that would allow the police to charge anyone who makes a California stop at a red light with a class one misdemeanor that could add six points to their license, suspend it for six months, fine you $2,500 or put you in jail for a year.

That’s the equivalent of a DUI.  For a rolling right on red.

The original bill was set to have this take effect if you were involved in a traffic accident where someone was killed or badly injured, but the committee saw fit to replace the original bill with a more generic provision which would place the infraction at the discretion of the police officer. The proposed law would affect infraction related to traffic signals, not just right on red, which would also apply to traffic signals that are offline.

The committee that proposed the bill is chaired by Rep. David Albo, whose firm does work related to DUI defense and other “Serious Traffic Issues.” Who better to defend you than the guy whose committee brought out the law, right?

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One thought on “Virginia to alter stop light laws?

  1. Albo is a disgrace; he takes conflict of interest and featherbedding to a new level with his self-serving legislative positions.