Hot Ticket: Weedeater @ SONAR, TONIGHT!

If you are a fan of ultra-heavy, sludge guitar; slow-churning, reverb-effected bass; and swampy, primal drum patterns then this show is a must see.

In the late 90’s, stoner doom metal band, Weedeater rose from the ashes that spilled out of “Dixie” Dave Collins’ bowl when his former noise-rock band Buzzov*en called it quits. Active for over a decade now, Collins and his crew have managed to shake off their pot-induced haze to cut four fantastic albums that fall somewhere between Clutch and Sleep. Weedeater don’t put on airs, they don’t play intricate intellectual post-metal, they just blast through some of the heaviest, thickest sludge known to man. On their latest album “Jason…the Dragon”, that sludge sounds oh-so-sweet. Not many metal bands tap Steve Albini to do their production work but Weedeater did and the result is a monolithic slab of reverb-drenched, stoner doom from start to finish.

Underneath the swirling swamp waters of Weedeater’s sound, is “Dixie” Dave Collins; a maniac front man with a viscous howl and a larger-than-life persona. Already a legend for his down-home antics with Buzzov*en, Bongzilla, and Sourvein; the myth of Collins’ grew even larger when the front-man accidentally blew off one of his toes while cleaning “his favorite shotgun” last year! Head up to SONAR tonight to ride those ultra heavy grooves and embrace the insanity that is Weedeater!

w/ ASG and Radical Discharge
@ SONAR (Baltimore)
2/22 – 8pm

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