Maryland Okays Direct Wine Shipment

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Maryland oenophiles rejoice! Now you don’t even have to leave your house or put on clothes to get your chardonnay or pinot noir. The Maryland legislatures passedHouse Bill 1175, which allows direct shipment of wine to consumers in Maryland. Maryland wine drinkers can now have up to 18 cases a year shipped directly to their doorsteps, starting July 1st. The measure was largely uncontroversial, having passed the State Senate 47-0 on Friday and the House 135-1 on March 25th.

The measure puts Maryland close on par with the District and Virginia, both of which allow direct shipments of all types of liquor, as well as about 3 dozen other states. Although, as Fedward discussed last week, DC is extremely open when it comes to importing such libations. Critics employed the “think of the children” defense, but faced stiff resistance from both consumer groups and vineyards.

In vino veritas!

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