Friday Happy Hour: DC Brau Public Ale

It’s time for Friday Happy Hour, highlighting a drink we’ve recently enjoyed, every Friday at 4pm! Please share your favorites as well.

This Friday Happy Hour is a little unusual: I have never tried the thing I am going to recommend. In fact, only a few people I know have yet had the chance to sample it. However, starting tonight, that is all going to change.

DC Brau is the first brewery to be crafting beer within the District in a generation. Much has been made of the risks the entrepreneurs behind it took and their forays into public policy to make the city more hospitable to themselves and other new breweries that might want to crop up. For more, one can read a profile we did on Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock last year.

This evening marks the official release of DC Brau at Meridian Pint. The new beer, Public Ale, will be available on tap starting at 5:00. This will be my first encounter with the trendy table-tap system, so look for me likely making a sticky, spilled mess of things at some point in the evening.

There will also be prizes for those who wear costumes that best embody DC pride, taxation without representation, craft beer in cans, corruption, or environmental awareness – which should give you some variety for selecting an ensemble. No word on extra prizes for the costume that somehow captures all five.

If you cannot make it to the launch party tonight, do not fear. You can expect to find DC Brau cans and kegs rolling out all across the metro area starting Monday.

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